What are the benifits of using Roller Blinds?

The Benefits Of Using Blinds In Your Home

The most obnoxious thing to deal with in a home almost always turns out to be the blinds, especially if you have a large, open home full of windows. Let’s look at the facts: they are not always the best looking, they let too much heat into the house, they are a pest to install, there is always a glare on the television and computer screens, and cleaning them is a complicated job all on its own. We also can’t forget to mention that the strings on regular blinds are always tangled up, are a safety hazard to young children, and if you own active or young cats, you can basically kiss your blinds goodbye. Fortunately for those of us with these classic blind problems, especially in places like Melbourne, double roller blinds are an amazing solution!


What exactly is a roller blind?

This type of blind is a great alternative to original wood or aluminium blinds. They consist of one screen or sheet of fabric usually wrapped around a casing with a pull cord so that you can either roll the sheet of fabric up or down. The pull cord also eliminates the hazards that the strings on regular blinds have towards children.

What makes this kind of blinds more ideal than wood, aluminium, or vertical blinds?

One of the most loved features of roller blinds is that there is so much versatility when it comes to what kind of fabric you want, or where you want to put them. These blinds come in all sizes, including sizes to fit over a glass door, or a tiny window in your bathroom. While very easy to install, people love these blinds due to their flexibility and how closely they fit their windows because there is no excess fabric, not to mention they are very stylish.

There are times when we decorate our homes and everything pulls together nicely with the exception of the blinds dangling in the window that does not match anything. Screens and fabrics for these blinds can be changed out or replaced with whatever you like to tie together your interior decorations. With this type of blind, you are able to choose which colours, patterns, and fabrics you want so that you never have to worry about whether or not your home looks trendy enough, because you can always customize your blinds to be in whatever style you like.

With that being said, along with being customizable, these blinds are also very useful for much more than looks. When you pick out your blinds you not only have colour and pattern options, you can also choose from blackout fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, washable fabrics, flame retardant and water resistant fabrics, and even fabrics that let just the right amount of sunlight in so that you’re not being blinded by the light. All of these choices mean that you have the option to control the light and heat that enters the house (which is always helpful for the power bill), maximum privacy, great insulation, and more durability if you happen to be accident prone or once again, have cats that love to play in the blinds.

The quality of the fabrics that you can find for these blinds is absolutely mind-blowing. Roller Blinds can save your furniture from losing colour due to direct sunlight, they get rid of the glare that is hard to see past on screens, and they are more than capable of complete coverage of your window in order to keep wandering eyes out of your house. You can even find these blinds that will fit around your patio for days when the sun is a little too harsh!

It is pretty safe to say that these blinds are by far the better choice, but we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet. Roller blinds are extremely easy to use and to install, you just place the brackets on the wall with a few screws and then set the blinds into their fitting and just like magic, you are done! While we are on the subject of doing things with minimal effort, now is a great time to inform you that these blinds can also be motorized or self-controlled, so with the click of a button on a remote you can adjust your blinds without even getting up, or even moving a muscle! Though these motorized blinds may cost a tad more, they are definitely worth the price.

The cleaning process for roller blinds is also a surprisingly simple one. As mentioned once before you can get washable fabrics for your blinds, but if you are not up for disassembling each set of blinds when you wish to clean them, you can always either vacuum your single sheet of fabric or wipe it down with a wet rag. This most definitely beats the having to clean each different section of normal blinds constantly. These blinds often require very little maintenance, however, if you do run into an unexpected issue since there are very few components to these blinds, they are also a super quick and painless fix!

Within a home that loves an easy fix, very little maintenance, and something that can always be pleasing to the eyes, this type of blind belongs. These blinds are capable of lowering your monthly power bill by keeping out heat and direct sunlight, they can provide a promising amount of privacy, they are an easy cleanup, and depending on the colours chosen, they can even make the room appear to be more spacious. It is a wonder that more people do not have this type of blind in their houses, they truly are missing out on something great. Luckily for all of us that are tired of putting up with the everyday struggle of wood and aluminium blinds, we know what to look for when we have reached the last straw.

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