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 Happy Chinese New Year!  Why not pick up one of our adorable Classic Monkey bookends to celebrate or as a great new year gift.


Giant Polar Bear at Taronga Park Zoo!

How good is today? Unbelievably warm especially when it was freezing only days ago.
We are having such a great day outside, we all went along to Sydney's Taronga Park Zoo to see our poor cousins in captivity.
Here is a pic of the giant Polar bear standing atop the stairs to the pool enclosure.
Gotta run and enjoy the sun while we can.

Mwa! Zuny

Zuny Giant Polar Bear Sydney Taronga Park Zoo



Giant Zuny Polar Bear at Bristol & Brooks

Yesterday, our gorgeous Giant Zuny Polar Bear went on a holiday to Chifley Square in Sydney's CBD.. We are sure he is going to get a lot of attention atBristol & Brooks!

Make sure you visit in-store to see their fabulous collection of these gorgeous creatures! 

Giant Zuny Polar Bear under Sydney's Harbour Bridge


Zuny Classics - Linea 1930

While we keep tripping down memory lane, let's remember the Linea 1930 Collection.

A short lived collection in Australia, we only ever saw 2 pieces.
Linea's propeller driven plane in Blue and Silver and the old jalopy in Red.

Zuny Linea 1930 Blue Plane CD holder

Zuny Linea 1930 Red Car CD holder

With their lower centre of gravity these designs were created to prop up CD collections.

This was the first collection to use metallic's and both of these designs included silver elements.
This was also the first collection to include rigid components. The propeller on the plane and the wheels on the car. Adding an extra design element and lifting the Linea 1930 Collection above the rest.

Gino the Mouse Bookend by Zuny

While we make our way back in time, we will enlist a few old friends to help us.

Another favourite when Zuny first made an appearance in Australia was Gino the Mouse.
Small and stout with enormous ears, he made for a unique addition to a nursery.
Being pink he was a regular in a girls' nursery. But with such a cute shape he made many friends with little boys too.

Grandparents loved the stylized shape and he sat so well in a bookcase.
With such as stubby shape he was one of the best at holding up a collection of nursery rhyme books.

It is with fondness we remember Gino.

Zuny Limited Edition Gino the Mouse bookend


Back catalogue - Humio the Horse

Well with a new blog, you don't get to see what we have been up to over the years.

Zuny has been busy working away but we have missed out on sharing many things with you.
Here is the first of many things that Zuny have done in the past.

In collaboration with Little One Baby Magazine, we sent Humio the Horse off for a photoshoot.

Zuny Limited Edition Humio the Horse bookend

Back in November 2009 the crew at Little One Baby had these lovely comments.

“The Zuny range is like nothing you have ever seen”

“Zuny can be used as an ornament, a book end, a doorstop, or a toy”

“The ‘special-ness’ of an item often starts when it’s packaged beautifully”

Little did we know then, that the range would grow to include Doorstops, paperweights, key rings and the impressive giants!
Sadly Humio is longer part of the collection, but his spirit lives on.


Welcome to Zuny

Hi, welcome to the new zuny blog.

Here you will find out everything that goes on at Zuny Australia. Latest designs, new retailers and design inspiration will all be inked out in this blog for the world to see.

To follow us and learn about how Zuny is made, just subscribe to this blog and you will always be in the know.

Till then
Do what you love.