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Wow! Zuny Giants Rock!!

What 30 something didn’t grow up watching Tom Hanks in Big, Diff’rent Strokes, Webster or any other Pop culture entertainment that used an assortment of oversized kids’ stuff?

Dreaming of giant Crayola crayons, giant piano’s to dance across or giant stuffed animals?

Well Zuny have created something very special for you.

Zuny Giants are not your regular oversized kid’s novelty. They are handcrafted to the same high standard as the all the Zuny range, with each one taking a week to make.

Weighing an impressive 15kg these designs are breathtaking, beautiful and full of character the giants really do make an impact in any room.

Whether used to theme a nursery, as an entrance piece to a home or a conversation piece anywhere in the home there are a variety of animals available to choose from.

The Classic Giraffe stands an impressive 140cm and the Polar Bear is 1 metre in length.

Perfect in a bedroom or a hallway, standing guard these designs need to be seen to be appreciated. Call us on 02 8206 2444 to find out where you can meet one face to face.