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The Zuny bookends; the original and most popular Zuny of all.

Do you have visions of floor to ceiling shelves, two floors high? A timber ladder on brass wheels reaching up to the topmost shelves and thousands of dusty, leather bound first editions.

That is my idea of what a collection of books looks like.

So a bookend, in our digital age? Sounds like an antiquated relic of the times gone by. Perhaps, but who doesn’t have a book shelf? So to liven things up a little Zuny created their interpretation of the bookend.

Weighing in at around 1 kg and able to be used as a bookend or a small doorstop, these designs are where it all began. They look amazing and do the job exceptionally well.

The Zuny Bookend range is the widest of all the Zuny collections and is sure to have your favourite animal. It includes all the design from any of the collections and are available in all sorts of shapes, colours and designs.